Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Remember when we were kids and summers actually meant slowing down?
I just commented the other day to my husband that I thought one of the
hardest parts of becoming an adult was giving up summer vacation.

And so now we're all grown-ups and busy, busy, busy -
which is why I haven't been out in the blogosphere much lately.
I'm mainly working on the website (again.  still.) and getting out my first wholesale order.

But I did take some time out to take a class from my friend Lisa at My Heart's Fancy
and I now have a beautiful purse to show for it:

These are prints of some of two of my collages, Hope and Turners.

I hope you get some time to slow down, rest and ART.


Brittany Raeann said...

Love the purse! Well, I pretty much love ALL of your things. :)

NuminosityBeads said...

Those are beautiful!
I know what you mean about busy summers, just crazy!
xoxo Kim

Butterfly Works said...

I love this purse....how lovely.....

Jan said...

Beautiful purse, very nice! Regarding being summer busy, I guess that is why I look forward to winter. Once the holidays are over, I love hibernating during those months before the spring business starts.

Elisabeth said...

Sherry, I'm here via Numinosity.

It might seem strange but your name caught my eye. It's an unusual name, the Schoenfeld part of it, so much like my own maiden name Schooneveldt that I felt the need to touch base.

It's probably a long stretch but we might once have been related in centuries gone by, unless of course Schoenfeld is your married name, or a pseudonym, in which case the link is tenuous.

I'm from Australia and pleased to meet you in any case. And I look forward to exploring your blog further.

jackie said...

Love your canvas purse!

Sharon said...

I love love love your canvas purse. I wish I had been able to take that class with Lisa. Maybe she will do it again sometime...

Carmen said...

Like Jan said, winter time is my slow down time. Even though I am a teacher, my school is in session year round. No summer vacation for me :*( And I love the purse! I was thinking of attempting to make my own covers for my MICHE bag at some point!

The Creative Beast said...

Hello fellow "Flyer"!
i LOVE these bags!! and i am a total 'bag lady' - i collect handbags and bags of all kinds =-)

i will have to take a peek around your site away from the office - the internet here is such a mess that i can't access many of your pages =-( but i am REALLY looking forward to exploring your site - it's so lovely!

Theresa said...

It's gorgeous Sherry! Love the style and colors!