Saturday, January 30, 2010


When peace, like a river,
attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot,
Thou has taught me to say,
It is well,
it is well,
with my soul.

- Horatio G. Spafford

A friend of mine is going thru something right now that is incredibly emotionally draining. I want her to experience the "peace that passes all understanding" and I really don't feel like I have the words to inspire that. So instead, I'm hoping this canvas will remind her that she's loved - not just by her family and friends, but by her savior.

I started by covering the canvas board in a dictionary page (the old dictionary was given to me by her). I removed part of the page with masking tape, a technique I learned from Beverly Seymour several years ago. Then I glued down a print of the heart from the piece I posted a few days ago. Other ingredients include
pattern tissue,
white gesso & clear gesso,
swirl stamps w/ brilliance ink,
portfolio oil pastel (water soluable),
pan pastel,
graphite pencil & prismacolor,
glass bead gel,
my favorite part (haha) -
an image transfer of the word peace BACKWARDS
(see the note on yesterday's page about checking the print BEFORE using it)
and of course, a polished coat of beeswax on top of it all.


Diane said...

This is just wonderful--and what a great friend you are!!

Silke said...

This is so beautiful! I've had to study it up close - I've yet to try the beeswax finish. It sort of intimidates me. Is it easy? Your friend will love it!!! Hugs, Silke

Sherry said...

I love using beeswax as a finish - I just brush it on and then heat it up letting the excess run off the edge then I polish with a soft cloth.
I love it because it adds so much depth and it FEELS so good!
I will say that I have a hard time using beeswax for the entire collage - sometimes layers move or pop up - but I'm going to keep trying!
I probably need to get some demar resin to add to the beeswax to make it encaustic as I believe that's sturdier.
Thank you again for the comments ~ Sherry

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Beautiful art, beautiful message.

Sharon said...

This is beautiful, Sherry. I had to look up close to see the texture. And the post is so full of empathy.

Martha Lever said...

Beautiful piece, Sherry. I would like to know about that masking tape thing. You are so sweet to do this for your friend!

Kimba said...

It's gorgeous, Sherry. Thank you for sharing this.

And I can hardly sing the hymn without crying. It touches my heart so deeply.

Jan said...

I'm sure your friend will find this soothing and will much appreciate it. it is lovely. I want to try some beeswax. I have it, I just need to make something that will be good with it.

NuminosityBeads said...

This piece is so calming. I love your techniques. I can't wait to start using beeswax too.
Thanks for following my blog too!

Seth said...

Just spectacular. This will be very healing for your friend.

LiveArt said...

Oh how wonderfully gorgeous!!! LOVE everything about this piece!!