Friday, September 04, 2009

Art Journal Challenge Week 1: YIKES!!!

So this is week one of the challenge. And boy, was it a crazy week. Clients (not art clients). PayPal. Life in general.

In light of that, I tried to give myself a crazy look with extra wide eyes and kooky hair.

I used several different media on this journal page - watercolor background, collaged image of me, acrylic paints, gel pens, permanent markers, graphite & color pencils. I also used the new (at least to me) Golden Digital Grounds so I could print on top of the collage. There are actually lots of iridescent paints too, but those don't seem to scan well!

Ellen went a completely different direction with her page - reflecting on her native american heritage and adding images to her face. Click here to see it & read about it.

I'm going back to work on the PayPal issues on my website so wish me luck - I wouldn't want next week's journal page to reflect the same feelings as this one (might have to put tape over the mouth so bad words don't come out!!)

~ Sherry


Roz said...

It even looks like you!

Bill Ball said...

Hi, daughter! I recognized you!

Ellen Etzler said...

Looks great. Hair is fantastic. Good nose-

Sharon said...

That does look like you - now I want to see your hair like that the next time I see you. Mine is not a self portrait, but two of my son. The second one looks less like him, but I was looking slightly up at him so it is a different angle.

Rainbow Lady said...

Great picture Sherry love it.
Thanks for joining in this week. Love Cynthia x