Saturday, August 29, 2009

Art Journal - Self-Portrait

Ellen came over Friday and we had a lot of fun sharing techniques and sketching. She showed me photos for Mombasa and the travel art journal she kept while there. I shared a few tips on drawing facial features. And we decided to post our journal pages every Friday for four or five weeks then get together to see what's next. She used a photo of herself and almost finished a journal page.

And I remembered something very important: While I can draw great eyes & lips and decent noses & ears, THE PEOPLE I DRAW DON'T LOOK LIKE THE PEOPLE I'M DRAWING!!!! This is a major drawback to the journal plan. So I traced a picture of myself: I don't have any hair becuz I'm going to add that when I do the actual journal pages (I did draw my head shape but it didn't show up on the scan).

Check out Sharon's self portrait. When she commented on my previous post, I wasn't sure which Sharon was writing. But as soon as I clicked on her post I knew becuz her drawing looks just like her. Great work!!

So come back next Friday to see our first journal pages. Anyone else want to join the fun? ~Sherry

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Sharon said...

I know what you mean about people you draw not looking like the people you are drawing. I find that so frustrating. I am definitely having that problem with the sketch I am working on now of my son. I thought I would share the work in progress. It's on my blog: