Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Journal Challenge - want to join us?

Back in mid-July, my friend Ellen and I set ourselves an art journal challenge. Hmmm. Maybe I should back up a little more so I can try to show the paths that led us to the lightbulb moment.

Ellen's path: Ellen has been learning to draw and paint by taking some local and online classes. Her skills have improved remarkably. She also keeps art journals chronicling her life as well as what she's learning. When our local art group, The Ephemerites, met in July she showed me that she was starting sketching faces. Ahhhh. The nose. The bane of many an artist. And Ellen was struggling with it like the rest of us.

My path: I've been watching Ellen develop her abilities and thinking that I really need to start drawing again. And I really need to take a watercolor class sometime (I love watercolor but my abilities with it seem to be limited to backgrounds!). Sometime early in July I read an old CLOTH PAPER SCISSORS about an artist who drew a basic picture of herself then copied it and used it over and over in her art journal.

The lightbulb: Our paths crossed at the art meeting and we decided to get together and draw our faces then copy them and cut them out to use in our art journals. The drawings will be basic so we can add to them in the journal. I envision putting myself on a background and adding hair and eye makeup and jewelry all based upon where I am that day.

We start Friday. So why did we wait so long? Ellen went on a mission trip to Kenya for two weeks then spent a week in very unpleasant airports trying to get home. I'm thinking her journal pages might be a little more interesting than mine (hehe).

It's been awhile since we talked about it but I believe we decided we had to do one journal page this way a week. Which is one more journal page a week than I'm doing now (why are summers still so busy when you don't have kids at home?).

I'll post mine here and see if Ellen will let me put hers here too.

So - would you like to join us in the challenge? I'd love to see a bunch of your sketches and journal pages too ~ Sherry

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Sharon said...

Sherry, I am trying to learn to sketch and draw and I thought I would share my latest attempt at a self portrait. I don't see how to post a picture here, so I will tell you that it is on my blog: http://bcs2004blessings.blogspot.com