Friday, April 24, 2009

Student Art Show at OCS on 4/24/9 #1

OCS, a local school, held an art show for six small Christian schools from around the state. I set up a table and put down a big ol' piece of gessoed Masonite. Then I brought out the crock pot full of beeswax, a basket full of torn papers, crayons, irons, brushes and heat guns.

And then the fun began: Kids from kindergarten thru middle school came by and played with encaustic collage. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! I know that I personally love to see something new and then to get to play with boring things in a way Mom would never allow - how cool is that?

As soon as my batteries recharge I will post a picture of the completed group collage as promised.

I hope they never lose that curiosity - that delight in color and glitter and discovery - their joy in creativity. Mine was renewed and I finished a piece of my own..

Thanks kids for sharing your time and joy with me ~ Sherry

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