Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blue Journal Page

I read another publication from Stampington about ART JOURNALING and was, of course, inspired. I might even have mentioned the magazine already. The reason I mention it (again?) is that one of the features asked various artists what they do about privacy. Unlike a regular journal, an art journal INVITES everyone to browse (not just the nosey - hehe).

So what do you do about the thoughts you have that you want to stay private? Answers ranged from tough luck to never write down real words. My favorite was the one that said she writes what she's thinking then does her art over it. She gets it off her chest, she remembers what it says, and no one will get hurt.

So I tried it here on an encyclopedia page from 1956 about EMOTION. I had a few emotions to get out and I wanted to try the technique. I like the effect. (I made sure to keep the article in it's entirety on the back of the page - it's kind of funny in its simplistic view on emotions.)

Now if I could only find the white pen everyone was raving about!!! ~ Sherry

(after posting this I noticed that stuff that doesn't show in person when I look at it, shows on screen!!! EEEEEEEEEEK!! I need more gesso!!!)

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Mary Lynn said...

This is a neat idea. I have thought about writing something that someone in the future might read, and now I know what to do....write it and then cover it up!